The 7 Habits® is the world’s best-known personal-leadership framework, synthesizing key principles of personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

This course is designed to have the most positive impact of any class students will experience at college.

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*Utah Valley University end-of-course outcomes survey

“Every aspect of my life has improved. This is the first academic situation that has been so far reaching.”

“This is the most worthwhile class I have ever taken.”

“This class expanded my vision, challenged me to change, and provided the skills to do it.”

Influenced by Research

The 7 Habits student success curriculum was created with student transformation as its key outcome—an experience that students would look back on and say “the principles I learned in this class made all the difference.”

The 7 Habits content and curriculum is closely aligned with Jack Mezirow’s transformative learning theory, which focuses on how we learn to act on our own purposes, values, feelings, and meanings rather than those we have uncritically assimilated from others—to gain greater control over our lives.

What Are Academics Saying?

“The 7 Habits provide a framework for thinking independently and looking for synergies. I believe it will certainly help prepare students to be successful adults, no matter what they major in.”

—Dr. Bruce H. Leslie, Chancellor, Alamo Colleges

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