Custom Client Solutions

Just as your organization is unique, you often need unique solutions to training needs.

FranklinCovey offers custom client solutions ranging from branded materials to fully integrated, completely customized, and highly relevant content and training pinpointed to your needs.

FranklinCovey offers customization at the following levels:

Level 1

Customize FranklinCovey curriculum to your brand.

  • Add your company logo (co-brand), name, and corporate colors
  • Modify select examples or case studies
  • Add your mission, vision, and values
  • Modify the timing of the program

Level 2

Enhance the relevance of the materials to your learners.

In addition to the Level 1 customization:

  • Modify exercises, examples, case studies, and application materials
  • Add graphics
  • Revise the facilitator guide to match changes to participant materials.
  • Create and modify PowerPoint slides to match changes to participant materials.

Level 3

Add learning segments unique to your organization and culture.

  • Create new content
  • Combine content from several FranklinCovey workshops into one program
  • Combine FranklinCovey content with your own corporate training content
  • Research and collect new data and content to create up-to-the minute training

The 4DL Process

FranklinCovey’s Custom Client Solutions group uses a five-step process that delivers results, lowers development costs, and improves ROI.

1. Diagnose

  • Overview key stakeholder needs
  • Identify challenges and logistics
  • Identify audience, culture, budget, timeline, and success measures

2. Design

  • Clarify learning objectives and priorities
  • Confirm audience and stakeholder needs
  • Brainstorm content alignment with learning objectives

3. Develop

  • Create content for all deliverables
  • Facilitate client reviews
  • Incorporate changes
  • Prepare final materials

4. Deliver

  • Training delivered by training professionals

5. Learn

  • Gather post-project feedback
  • Define areas of improvement and incorporate into the process

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