Employee Loyalty and Engagement (ELE) Solution

Disengaged Employees + Poor Customer Service = Slow Growth


Your employees must be enthusiastic promoters of your organization to deliver the great service that leads to increased sales. Employees must feel like valued members of a winning team pursuing an important mission.

"When it comes to consumer expectations for great experiences, there are several tactics a brand can use to woo a customer… 73% want friendly employees”
-Oracle Customer Experience Impact Report


Loyal Employees + Great Customer Service = Fast Growth!

FranklinCovey helps companies measure and increase employee engagement against delighting more customers. Our approach inspires your employees to share their best ideas so action can be taken from the bottom-up.

  • Measure employee loyalty and capture their best ideas in a short web survey.
  • Train supervisors to debrief results and implement action plans.
  • Identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement at all levels of the organization.
  • Improve loyalty through bottom-up action.


Behavior Change

Behavior Change Most companies measure employee engagement. FranklinCovey measures engagement against delighting customers. Measuring is the easy part; acting on the results takes discipline and accountability. For over 25 years, FranklinCovey has been helping companies achieve results that require a change in human behavior.

Bottom Up vs. Top Down

Bottom Up Action Planning vs. Top Down Analysis Many companies take a top-down approach by doing a survey every year or so and asking HR to analyze overall trends. We flip this upside down and recommend shorter, more frequent surveys that identify actions to be taken from the bottom-up to delight more customers. This increases employee engagement and customer loyalty at the same time.

"FranklinCovey, the well-known consulting, training, and time-management company was an early adopter of both NPS and eNPS and discovered that individual store eNPS ratings can range from minus 40% for the worst location in a chain up to 100% for the store performer. This framework is helping chains recognize the enormous opportunities for learning and improvement.”
-Fred Reichheld