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Altos Hornos De

Everyday, miners at one of Mexico’s largest coal companies descended 2,000 feet below the earth’s surface. The organization was warring internally because customer demand was increasing just as productivity was dropping.

Their senior leaders knew that they would strengthen the organization to the degree they strengthened their people. As a result the top leaders used The 7 Habits to refocus on goals and trained all 6,000 employees. As a result….

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The only competitive advantage your organization has is its culture, and your culture is ultimately created by the behavior of your leaders. At FranklinCovey, we’ve learned that the very best leaders bring both great character (personal and interpersonal effectiveness) and competence (ability to achieve results) to their leadership style, at whatever level of the organization they work in.

We help organizations develop leaders at three levels in the organization: Lead Myself, Lead My Team, and Leader of Leaders. Leaders who transform their lives, their teams, and their organizations, model the highest levels of personal and interpersonal effectiveness and achieve results time and time again.

Our Leadership Practice helps develop leaders who:

  • Achieve sustained superior performance.
  • Engage employees to achieve the most critical objectives.
  • Win the loyalty of customers, constituents, and other stakeholders.
  • Build strategic advantage by identifying and making distinctive contributions.

We've developed simple, scalable, trust-building processes that:

  • Drive cultural change and increase employee engagement.
  • Develop world-class teams expanding collaboration and innovation.
  • Help organizations successfully integrate cultures following a merger or an acquisition.
  • Accelerate growth and increase shareholder value.
  • Build a strategic advantage by creating a winning culture.