The 7 Habits Leader Implementation


Leaders often think about strategy, business plans, processes, and problems, but too often they don’t consider the high-performing culture they want to create. Great cultures are created deliberately and methodically.

What if leaders thought about becoming the key leverage point in creating a high-performing culture? The 7 Habits Leader Implementation program can give leaders they tools they need to succeed in coaching and managing their teams to achieve an effective culture.

This solution is built on extensive global research with clients who are highly successful at implementing the 7 Habits inside their organizations; this one-day work session is designed specifically for leaders and managers to learn how to make the 7 Habits the operating solution for their teams, divisions, and organizations

Leader Implementation is the solution that empowers leaders to install the 7 Habits as their key operating system and create a culture of greater team effectiveness.

"The culture of any organization is simply the collective behavior of its leaders. If you want to change your culture, change the collective behavior of your leaders.”
-Ram Charan


  • Commit to implement the 7 Habits by drafting a personal commitment statement on how to become a more effective leader who is clear about their intent and how to have a high effective team.
  • Model the 7 Habits by improving the leader’s skills for seeking and being open to feedback. Leaders will also learn how to live and model the 7 Habits by internalizing and intentionally applying the 7 Habits.
  • Reinforce the 7 Habits by creating an effective environment by integrating the 7 Habits everywhere. Leaders will learn how to be an effective coach by learning how to encourage their employees to reflect on their behaviors, listening to them empathetically and then sharing suggestions when their employees feel understood.
“We think we see the world as it is, when in fact we see the world the way we are.”
-Stephen Covey

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Time Required

This work session consists of 6 hours of instructor-led training.